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Reply to "Japan Ignored Warning of Nuclear Design Flaw" (3/24/11) - Peter Anderson

Capital rallies (3/8/11) - Dave Johnson

Do the Right Thing (2/21/11) - Anne Urbanski
(an open letter to Gov. Walker)

Super-Weeds (5/9/10) - John Frantz

The Failed and Cruel Policy of Deterrence in Arizona for Migrants (4/25/10) - Mary Somers

Resolution on death penalty passed by congregation of Prairie UU Society (10/22/06)

My open letter to President Bush in response to Moore's list of the war dead (11/5/04) - Sarah Lord

Resolution on civil marriage equality passed by congregation of Prairie UU Society (4/25/04)

An Open Letter To My Fellow Americans (9/22/02) - Midge Miller

Sanctions against Iraq (4/21/02) - Prairie Social Action Committee

Nonlethal weapons (11/7/01) - Randy Converse

Effective action against terrorism (10/20/01) - Prairie Social Action Committee

Dissolve the roots of terrorism (9/21/01) - Lisa Glueck

Casey Steinau's grandparents on Safety from Terrorism (9/17/01) - Barb & Mort Steinau

Ad against war on Iraq (published 9/15/01) - Madison Mennonite Church
(The Prairie Social Action Committee was among the sponsors)

September 2001 online dialogue excerpts (9/12-16/01) - Robert and Ian Park

Iran hostage crisis letter (12/11/79) - 20 members of Prairie

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